Who is someone that inspires you and why? #bloganuary

I think everybody who puts himself out there in some form or another. All online creators keep inspiring me.

Austin Kleon is one of the most prolific ones that I have currently in mind and his way of sharing so much of what he’s doing with the world is very inspiring to me. His relentless way of documenting, collecting, mixing and sharing is just great.

Then there are a bunch of Youtubers whom I really look up to because I would probably like to be one myself. There’s, for example, Richard Borcherds, Tibees, Nathaniel Drew, Math-life balance, Valerie Lin, Matt D’Avella and 3blue1brown, to name just a few of the channels I currently enjoy most.

Somehow, to me, the fact that people are brave enough to put effort into a bigger blog post or a decently written Youtube video is somehow inspiring. I would like to look those people in the eyes thank them for doing this if I ever met them in person. The fact that they share their thoughts, their personality, the fact that they are open about their thoughts and passions and accept that some people will not like it is great and brave and, for me at least, very hard to beleive.

And then there are also a bunch of mathematicians I look up to. Mostly famous ones though, because otherwise I wouldn’t know them because I’m not a mathematician myself. But the fact that they went deep into a topic and managed to wrap their head around very abstract topics, for which it takes months or years to understand them, is very inspiring to me as well.

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