Where do you go when you need solitude? #bloganuary

When I really need solitude, I think forests and mountains are the best places for me to go to. This can be a local forest near or in the city I live in. This can also be a dedicated hiking trip which might take a few hours to get to. In any case, hiking, the act of walking and letting the world pass by me, the silence in the forest, that’s what will usually help me.

But I think that occasions on which I really want to be alone are rather rare. There will be times when I might need to get time off from certain people, times when I want a specific person to just leave me alone. But in those cases it might even help to meet other people and go hiking with them or distract myself in other ways.

I think I have also learned how to find solitude while being with groups of people. It’s not that hard for me to shut off the world around me and let it just happen and just be with myself and enjoy not having to do anything and not having to talk. Sometimes this is possible without being impolite. Additionally, as a software developer in home office since 2 years, my longing for solitude might be somewhat satisfied. I guess this might change whenever I will work more with people in the future. Or will I?

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