A list of open research problems in mathematics

I recently did a search for open problems in mathematics. Here are a few links I’ve found (manly via this math tackexchange post: https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1354028/database-of-unsolved-problems-in-mathematics):

SciLag is a free web-based platform for facilitating dynamic organisation of scientific problems at a research level. It represents an online service for scientists for sharing their knowledge about the forefront of research. The current version is set up for the Mathematical community only to test and refine the concept in action.
[…] The platform is designed to be home for scientific problems which are (were) open. For many of these open problems to be addressed, the science, mathematics in this case, needs new tools and ideas to be discovered. In other words, the current knowledge is lagging behind, hence SciLag for “Science Lagging behind”.


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