Inspiring websites

Here’s a list of websites that I find inspiring. The reasons are quite divers. In general I find it very cool when people did a lot of cool things and collected (seemingly) all of their thoughts and projects and results on their website as an archive of themselves.

  • Terry Tao
    This is a mathematicians blog. When I first read its “Career advice” section, back in January of 2016, I was completely blown away by it. In it, one of the principles which the author recommends is to “Make your work available”. This has ever since inspired me to so myself. Part of the reason of why I started this blog.
  • Austin Kleon
    Austin Kleon’s blog operates on a similar principle as Terry Tao’s: Show your work (which is even the title of one of his books). He’s sharing what he comes across, what inspires him and what he created. He’s also famous for doing so in his (by now) 2 weekly newsletters.
  • Michael Nielsen’s Notebook
  • Vitalik Buterin
  • Greg Egan
  • Gwern Branwen
    Found this via Michael Nielsen’s article “How to use a personal website to enhance your ability to think and create?” and I must admit that the design of this website is just beautiful and great.

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