Cory Doctorow on blogging

I recently started following by Cory Doctorow.

Today's article,, contained a link to an article in which he describes his blogging method. That blogging methodology article is called, The Memex Method. What reasonated most with me were two ideas:

The very act of recording your actions and impressions is itself powerfully mnemonic, fixing the moment more durably in your memory so that it’s easier to recall in future, even if you never consult your notes.

First, there is the idea that just collecting what interests you and using the writing process to deepen memory.

These repeated acts of public description adds each idea to a supersaturated, subconscious solution of fragmentary elements that have the potential to become something bigger. Every now and again, a few of these fragments will stick to each other and nucleate, crystallizing a substantial, synthetic analysis out of all of those bits and pieces I’ve salted into that solution of potential sources of inspiration.

Second, I liked the idea that, every now and then, ideas talk to each other and start forming nuclei that can crystallize into something bigger.

I always listen closely when someone tries to explain to me why he is blogging. Partly, the reason for this interest of mine might be the fact that I entertain a blog myself into which I write way too irregularly.

In the past, one of those articles that I liked was the post by Matt Mullenweg on why he blogs: But I found Doctorow's arguments much more convincing.